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A11102 EGFF - Cardiff EIDW - Dublin Jorgen Kambskard View Map
VS8 KLAX - Los Angeles International EGLL - London Heathrow Matthew Smith View Map

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WeGo Airways is a three tier airline:

  1. WeGo Airways Charter/Main airline; With Regional, European, and worldwide schedules to most of the popular and challenging destinations. WeGo Airways is split into 2 counterparts. One side of WeGo is a Charter based airline that flies to many different destinations on a daily contract list. The other side is permanent 7 day a week schedules that the WeGo World airlines (Real World Airlines) do not fly to.
    The main WeGo airline has many aircraft with in the fleet from the big birds (B747-400), the smaller birds (Cessna Citations), to the really small birds (Piper PA34, Cessna Caravans etc).
    WeGo also has a virtual contract to deliver aircrafts to all the major airlines around the world, and many flying schools. Example; deliver a brand new Boeing 737-800 from Seattle to Stansted for Ryanair, or deliver a used Cessna 172 from Coventry to Italy for a flying school.

  2. WeGo Airways Cargo Division; Flying to many destinations around the world. Our cargo schedules are set up for Short Haul and Long Haul flights on a 24hr,7days a week scheduled operations.

  3. WeGo World; Some Real world airlines are affiliated with either Oneworld, Star Alliance, SkyTeam or their own branded affiliation. WeGo World is a virtual alliance linked to WeGo Airways to link many real world airlines to WeGo. Over the next coming months WeGo will add many real world airlines to the schedule list.
Latest Pireps
Airline Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Duration Touchdown Rate Status
Mark WGA002 U25299 EGKK LIMC 02.17.50 -196 ft/min
Matthew WGA018 VS7 EGLL KLAX 11.30.25 -169 ft/min
William WGA029 A11134 ELLX LSZB 00.47.56 -181 ft/min
William WGA029 A11133 LFPG ELLX 01.04.21 -163 ft/min
Jorgen WGA021 A11101 EGKK EGFF 00.52.27 -59 ft/min
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Latest Pilots
WGA016 - Renaat Meeuws
WGA015 - Robert Breedon
WGA006 - Rasmus Møller Jørgensen
WGA010 - Jim Desai
WGA008 - Archie Newbold

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WeGo Airways Statistics
  • 29Pilots
  • 15thVA Central Ranking
  • 10,617Hours Flown
  • -231 fpmAvg Landing Rate
  • 3,631Total PIREPs
  • 3,616Total Accepted PIREPs
  • 15Total Rejected PIREPs
  • 0Total Flights Today
  • 142Total Flights This Month
  • 3,365Total Pax PIREPs
  • 251Total Cargo PIREPs
  • 555,091Pax Carried
  • 17,857,321 kgsCargo Carried
  • 3,538,590 nmMiles Flown
  • 44,349,014 kgsFuel Used
  • 5,823Fleet size
  • 49,922Total Routes