Who Are We?

WeGo opened in 2015, and has been growing since day one, operating a wide range of aircraft throughout our virtual airline.

We have our own virtual airline called WeGo Airways, which has been constructed as a charter based airlines. This allows you to fly either flights contracts or pilots manually setting up a charter of their choice. 

Also we offer WeGo World. This is a virtual alliance with real world airlines, with the likes of Emirates, Emirates SkyCargo, & KLM, EasyJet, Ryanair and many many more, linked into WeGo Airways. 

We are a three tier airline:

The main airline;  
With Regional, European, and worldwide charter schedules contracts and Cargo schedules to most of the popular and challenging destinations. WeGo Airways is split into 2 counterparts. One side of WeGo is a Charter based airline that flies to many different destinations on a daily contract list. The other side is permanent 7 day a week schedules with WeGo Cargo.
The main WeGo airline has many aircraft with in the fleet from the big birds (B747-400), the smaller birds (Cessna Citations), to the really small birds (Piper PA34, Cessna Caravans etc).
WeGo also has a virtual contract to deliver aircrafts to all the major airlines around the world, and many flying schools. Example; deliver a brand new Boeing 737-800 from Seattle to Stansted for Ryanair, or deliver a used Cessna 172 from Coventry to Italy for a flying school.

The Cargo Division;   
Flying to many destinations around the world. Our cargo schedules are set up for Short Haul and Long Haul flights on a 24hr,7days a week scheduled operations.

WeGo World;
Some Real world airlines are affiliated with either Oneworld, Star Alliance, SkyTeam or their own branded affiliation. WeGo World is a virtual alliance linked to WeGo Airways to link many real world airlines to WeGo. WeGo has numerous real world major airlines flying all different types and sizes of aircraft. See below; 

Airlines that are currently linked to WeGo World; 

A3    3S    AC    QK    RV    AF    AF1    AK    I5    QZ    FD    D7    XT    XJ    NH    NH1    OS    BA    CJ    MN    EZ    BM    DL    U2    DS    EK    EK1    EY    EY1    FX    BE    FZ    LS    KL    WA    KE    KE1    LH    LH1    D8    DY    OA    QF    QF1    QF2    FR    SK    BY    OR    6B    MT    TO    HV    5X    UA    VS    VA    A1    C1    WF    

More to offer:

  1. We also offer a rewards points system, so you can earn points towards ranking up in your WeGo virtual career. You can earn points for that nice touchdown, length of flight taken, flying online and more. You can earn bonus reward points if you follow a schedule with our own made random schedule generators.
  2. Many different kinds of tours
  3. Aircraft Delivery flights
  4. Pilot Shop, buy your favorate car, properties, and flying courses.


Our Mission:

To be the virtual airline everyone is talking about.  We want to offer a wide range of aircraft to fly, from small Cessna C172's to the big Queen of the sky B747 in the skies of the virtual world of flight sim.




Come and Join Us - You want be disappointed.