Dear Pilots,

We regret to inform you that WeGo Airways Virtual has ceased virtual operations with immediate effect.

Costs are one of the causes to this, but mainly staff disagreements creating lack of harmony, teamwork, and own agendas have led to this ultimate decision to not continue funding WeGo, and unfortunately WeGo is now closed.

For those in the air right now, we apologise, either close your simulators down, or divert to nearest airport if desired, you will NOT BE ABLE to file your PIREP's.

I would like to thank you all for those who have been with us from the beginning and became part of the of the WeGo Team whether it was as a Pilot or Staff Member. I would like to give a special thank you those dedicated and loyal pilots that have flown constantly in their time with us.

During the lock-down (Corona Virus Pandemic), I would like to thank you all for breaking WeGo's Flight record with over 550+ PIREP's in one month.

I’d like to thank Mark (CEO) & Tom (VCEO) for running the WeGo Operations, and also Sam (Web developer) who took WeGo to another level with custom made features to enhance to real world realism feel to you all.

Anyone that's in possession of any WeGo documentation etc, I would kindly ask you to delete them Please.

Anyone attempting to relaunch WeGo DOES NOT have permission and if any of our features are to be found on other VA, we will proceed and you will be prosecuted.

I sincerely apologise to you, but it is time to close the hanger doors and say goodbye.

Those who need proof of hours for their next virtual employment, virtual references will be given on request in the form of a PDF document containing your hours, flights, and other information important to your next virtual employment.

The email address below to contact the Chairman regarding your reference or any other matter

We wish you all the best in your virtual careers.

Stay Safe, Happy Landings, & Keep Sunny Side Up.

Danny – WeGo Chairman