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Loganair Fleet

Loganair Hubs

Airline Info
Airline Name: Loganair
Airline IATA Code: LM
Airline Flight Number Example: LM3621
Airline ICAO Code: LOG
Airline Flight Plan Example: LOG82TG
Airline Callsign: LOGAN
Airline Flight Numbers: 30-626
Total Aircraft in Fleet: 40
Passenger Aircraft in Fleet: 40
Cargo Aircraft in Fleet: 0

Speeds: kts (Knots)
Distances: nmi (Nautical Miles)
Date Format: dd/mm/yyyy (Day/Month/Year)
Time Format: HH:MM (Hour:Minute) based on UTC/Zulu
Weights: kg (Kilograms) - for Fuel, Pax and Cargo

Adult (12+) Child (2-12) Infant (0-2)
84Kgs 35Kgs 0Kgs
Domestic Bags International Bags Long Haul Bags
11Kgs 13Kgs 15Kgs
58 Adults x 84 Kgs + 11 Children x 35 Kgs + 2 Infants x 0 Kgs = 5257 Kgs
71 Long Haul Bags x 15 = 1065 Kgs
Total weight = 6322 Kgs

Airline Biography

Loganair (Real World) Information;

Loganair Limited is a Scottish regional airline founded in 1962, with its registered office on the grounds of Glasgow Airport in Paisley, Renfrewshire. Its tag line is Scotland's Airline.

Loganair provides services for the night mail flights on behalf of Royal Mail. In addition to its main base at Glasgow, the airline has hubs at Edinburgh Airport, Inverness Airport, Dundee Airport and Aberdeen Airport. The company holds a United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority Type A Operating Licence. It is permitted to carry passengers, cargo and mail on aircraft with 20 or more seats.

Airline Rules
  1. You must fly theses schedules in Loganair liveries only.
  2. If you do not have the correct livery then use house manufacture (i.e Dornier House livery).
  3. Please check below to see the current fleet, which fleet you can substitute, equivalent Substitutions, and historic fleet.  Look along the table from left to right to see.
  4. Please make sure that if you sub another aircraft for another, check that the performance will get you to the required destination.
  5. Please make sure, if you sub an aircraft, that you check the registrations of the type of aircraft, and to select the Reg in the WeGoACARS Tracker. Failure to do this will lead to a PIREP Rejection.
Airline Fleet and Substitutions
Current Fleet Real World Substitutions Simulated Substitutions Historical Fleet
BN-2B-26 (BN2P)
Image not found
DHC-6-300 (DHC6)
Image not found
DHC-6-400 (DHC6)
Image not found
Do328-100 (D328)
Image not found
ERJ-135ER (E135)
Image not found
ERJ-145EP (E145)
Image not found
Saab 2000 (SB20)
Image not found
Saab 340B (SF34)
Image not found