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DHL Fleet

DHL Hubs

Airline Info
Airline Name: DHL
Airline IATA Code: D0
Airline Flight Number Example: D02822
Airline ICAO Code: DHK
Airline Flight Plan Example: DHK41XO
Airline Callsign: WORLD EXPRESS
Airline Flight Numbers: 1-9999
Total Aircraft in Fleet: 173
Passenger Aircraft in Fleet: 4
Cargo Aircraft in Fleet: 169

Speeds: kts (Knots)
Distances: nmi (Nautical Miles)
Date Format: dd/mm/yyyy (Day/Month/Year)
Time Format: HH:MM (Hour:Minute) based on UTC/Zulu
Weights: kg (Kilograms) - for Fuel, Pax and Cargo

Each "load" of cargo is equal to 1 Kg

Airline Biography

DHL Aviation (Real World) Information;

DHL Aviation is a division of DHL Express (owned by Deutsche Post) responsible for providing air transport capacity. It is not a single airline, but refers to several airlines owned, co owned or chartered by DHL Express. In 2009, Deutsche Post World Net rebranded to Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL). In the United States., DHL Airways was renamed Astar Air Cargo which in turn operated air freight services as a cargo airline for DHL until 2012.


The main DHL Aviation airlines that fly worldwide with the Full DHL livery colours are;

DHL European Air Transport - Operates Worldwide

DHL Air International Transport - Operates Worldwide

DHL International - Operates Worldwide

DHL UK (Main DHL) - Operates Worldwide


DHL has many airlines flying its cargo worldwide, of which most of these airlines have adopted the half and half livery scheme, for example Southern Air - has its normal white Southern Air livery at the front of its aircraft and the tail section is painted in the famous DHL yellow livery.


List of airlines that fly for DHL;

ABX Air - Operates North & South America

Aero Expreso - Operates South America

Air Hong Kong - Operates Asia & Oceania

ASL Cargo Belguim, Hungary, & Ireland - Operates Europe & Worldwide

Atlas Air - Operates USA & Worldwide

Bluebird Nordic Cargo - Operates Scandinavia and Europe

Cargoair - Operates - Europe

Polar Air Cargo - Operates USA & Worldwide

Solinair - Operates Europe

Southern Air - Operates USA & Worldwide

Swift Air - Operates Spain & Europe

Tasman Cargo Airlines - Operates Australia & New Zealand

West Air Sweden - Operates Europe

West Atlantic UK - Operates from East Midlands UK, & Europe


These airlines have been moulded into DHL for WeGo pilots to fly. In the notes section of the schedules you will see who operates the schedule;

Airline Rules
  1. You must fly theses schedules in DHL or Specified Operater (notes in schedules) liveries only.
  2. If you do not have the correct livery then use house manufacture (i.e Boeing House livery).
  3. Please check below to see the current fleet, which fleet you can substitute, equivalent Substitutions, and historic fleet.  Look along the table from left to right to see.
  4. Please make sure that if you sub another aircraft for another, check that the performance will get you to the required destination.
  5. Please make sure, if you sub an aircraft, that you check the type & registrations of the type of aircraft you wish to fly in the WeGo Dispatcher. Failure to do this will lead to a PIREP Rejection.
Airline Fleet and Substitutions
Current Fleet Real World Substitutions Simulated Substitutions Historical Fleet
A300CF-600F (A306)
Image not found
A330-200F (A332)
Image not found
B737-400F (B734)
Image not found
B737-800BCF (B738)
Image not found
B747-400F (B744)
Image not found
B747-8F (B748)
Image not found
B757-200F (B752)
Image not found
B767-200F (B762)
Image not found
B767-300ERF (B763)
Image not found
B777-200F (B77L)
Image not found
C208B (C208)
Image not found