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WeGo Cargo Fleet

WeGo Cargo Hubs

Airline Info
Airline Name: WeGo Cargo
Airline IATA Code: C1
Airline Flight Number Example: C18559
Airline ICAO Code: WGC
Airline Flight Plan Example: WGC2JD
Airline Callsign: WeGo
Airline Flight Numbers: Various
Total Aircraft in Fleet: 29
Passenger Aircraft in Fleet: 2
Cargo Aircraft in Fleet: 27

Speeds: kts (Knots)
Distances: nmi (Nautical Miles)
Date Format: dd/mm/yyyy (Day/Month/Year)
Time Format: HH:MM (Hour:Minute) based on UTC/Zulu
Weights: kg (Kilograms) - for Fuel, Pax and Cargo

Each "load" of cargo is equal to 1 Kg

Airline Biography

WeGo Cargo (WGC) Information;

WeGo was initially planned during Christmas 2014 as an idea proposed to the VCEO (Mark) from the CEO (Danny). The plan was in action by January 2015, our early model was set up originally as a fictional airline, charter, biz jet, and cargo virtual airline. But in January there was still no name as the CEO & VCEO did not know what to call the Virtual airline at the time.  It was then in mid January that the name WeGo come up, by joking around saying the likes of 'We Fly in Airways' or 'We Go in Airplanes'.  The there was an eureka moment, as when commercial aircraft fly, they would fly in the airways, and then it the joke suddenly become serious by say WeGo in airways, and then the rest is history.  The name WeGo Airways was born.

The CEO and VCEO then decided that it would take 6 weeks to build and was planned to open on the airline on the 14th March 2015. After getting the first website version built, designing paints schemes for the aircraft and constructing all the relevant documents (SOP), WeGo opened 2 weeks ahead of schedule on the 1st Feb 2015.

WeGo has grown since day one, operating a wide range of aircraft throughout the virtual airline, and 6 months after opening the virtual alliance was formed called WeGo World, to allow real world airlines the be added to WeGo.

WeGo Cargo (WGC), was originally formed as a charter based cargo company. But in the Summer of 2016 WeGo Cargo re-imaged into 24 hours, 7 day a week, scheduled cargo service. This then allowed a more structured cargo schedule to allow low hour and low ranked WeGo Pilots the enjoyment of flying bigger aircraft without the worry of the passengers. It was also formed like this to allow the low hour pilots to have variety.

Since opening WeGo Airways started in the Virtual Airline rankings in the high hundreds. But once established WeGo in the last 12 months has never been out of the top 50. As of today (13th Feb 2017), WeGo is now in the top 20.

In February 2016 WeGo released the third version of its paint scheme.  The CEO designed the livery and named each type of aircraft honoring the names of all those involved, that helped WeGo from day one, whether it was countless PIREPS, to helping construct documents.  The WeGo slogan was painted onto the new liveries as a moto, that all the staff will go out their way to make WeGo a better airline. The Slogan was born and remains: 'WeGo....Above & Beyond.

WeGo has a History page, this is about the Journey of the out Virtual Airline today.  CLICK HERE TO SEE!


WeGo Airways information;

See WeGo Airways fleet section

Please check Airline Rules below.

Airline Rules
  1. You must fly theses schedules in WeGo Cargo liveries only.
  2. If you do not have the correct livery then use house manufacture (i.e Boeing House livery).
  3. Please check below to see the current fleet, which fleet you can substitute, equivalent Substitutions, and historic fleet.  Look along the table from left to right to see.
  4. Please make sure that if you sub another aircraft for another, check that the performance will get you to the required destination.
  5. Please make sure, if you sub an aircraft, that you check the registrations of the type of aircraft, and to select the Reg in the WeGoACARS Tracker. Failure to do this will lead to a PIREP Rejection.
Airline Fleet and Substitutions
Current Fleet Real World Substitutions Simulated Substitutions Historical Fleet
A300CF-600F (A306)
Image not found
A310-200F (A310)
Image not found
A310-300F (A310)
Image not found
A330-200F (A332)
Image not found
B737-300F (B733)
Image not found
B737-400F (B734)
Image not found
B747-400ERF (B744)
Image not found
B747-8F (B748)
Image not found
B757-200F (B752)
Image not found
B767-300F (B763)
Image not found
B777-200F (B77L)
Image not found
C172F (C172)
Image not found
C208B (C208)
Image not found
DC10-30F (DC10)
Image not found
MD-11F (MD11)
Image not found