Operating Start Date:1st February 2015
Total Hours Flown:24,892 hours
Total Flights Today:3
Total Flights this Month:209
Total Passenger Flights:8,665
Total Cargo Flights:440
Total Passengers Carried:2,134,918
Total Cargo Carried:30,302,371 kgs
Total Nautical Miles Flown:8,200,448 nm
Total Fuel Burned:97,497,217 kgs
Total Aircraft in Fleet:18,925
Total Schedules Available:143,489
Total Active Pilots:29 Pilots
Total Inactive Pilots:2 Pilots
Total Pending Pilots:0 Pilots
Total WeGo Pilots:31 Pilots

Pilot Ranks
Junior First Officer8 Pilots
First Officer3 Pilots
Senior First Officer5 Pilots
Captain2 Pilots
Senior Captain1 Pilots
Training Captain6 Pilots
Staff Ranks
Chairman1 Pilots
CEO1 Pilots
Vice CEO0 Pilots
General Manager0 Pilots
Senior Operations Manager1 Pilots
Fleet Manager0 Pilots
Tour Operations Manager0 Pilots
Public Relations Manager0 Pilots
Press Manager0 Pilots
Webmaster1 Pilots
Web Developer1 Pilots
Chief Pilot0 Pilots
Pilot Nationalities
United Kingdom14 Pilots
Denmark3 Pilots
United States3 Pilots
England2 Pilots
Spain1 Pilots
Brazil1 Pilots
Belgium1 Pilots
South Africa1 Pilots
Ukraine1 Pilots
Scotland1 Pilots
Italy1 Pilots
Greece1 Pilots
Most Popular Routes Flown
PositionFlight NumberDeparture ICAOArrival ICAORoute DistanceFlight TimeAircraft TypeTotal Times Flown
1stC1178EGLLLEMD673.892nm2 hours Boeing 747-400(ER) (Freighter)17 times
=1stA11101EGKKEGFF119.497nm1 hours Airbus A319-10017 times
2ndC1179LEMDEGLL673.892nm2.05 hours Boeing 747-400(ER) (Freighter)16 times
3rdA11102EGFFEIDW162.228nm1.1 hours Airbus A319-10015 times
4thA11103EIDWEGPH182.273nm1.1 hours Airbus A319-10014 times
=4thA11104EGPHENGM524.233nm1.55 hours Airbus A319-10014 times
5thA11105ENGMESSA208.408nm1 hours Airbus A319-10013 times
=5thA11106ESSAEFHK215.451nm1.15 hours Airbus A319-10013 times
6thA11107EFHKEETN54.371nm0.5 hours Airbus A319-10012 times
=6thA11108EETNUUEE454.071nm1.45 hours Airbus A319-10012 times
Most Popular Aircraft Types Flown
PositionAircraft TypeTotal Times Flown
1stBoeing 737-8003107 times
2ndAirbus A320-2001307 times
3rdAirbus A319-100963 times
4thBombardier Dash 8-Q400703 times
5thBoeing 747-400(ER)538 times
6thBoeing 737-700341 times
7thAirbus A321-200210 times
8thBoeing 777-200 (Freighter)209 times
9thCessna 172199 times
10thBoeing 767-3CB(ER)163 times
Best Landing Rates
PositionPilotDeparture ICAOArrival ICAOTouchdown Rate
1stDanny WGA001EGHQEGKK-1fpm
=1stMaurice WGA010KMCOEGLL-1fpm
=1stDaniel WGA015CYHZCYOW-1fpm
2ndMaurice WGA010KLAXEGLL-2fpm
=2ndThomas WGA033EGPHEHAM-2fpm
3rdSam WGA014KJFKBIKF-3fpm
=3rdMaurice WGA010LFMNOMDB-3fpm
=3rdMaurice WGA010EGLLLEMD-3fpm
=3rdSam WGA014KSFOKSEA-3fpm
4thMaurice WGA010KMCOEGLL-4fpm
Most Experienced WeGo Pilots (inc. Transfer Hours)
1stJorgen WGA0215,257
2ndAndrew WGA0394,279
3rdStephen WGA0173,750
4thMark WGA0023,595
5thDanny WGA0013,036
6thMaurice WGA0101,782
7thJames WGA0131,450
8thThomas WGA0331,040
9thBerny WGA025876
10thTom WGA009821
Most Flights Flown
1stMark WGA0021140
2ndStephen WGA017659
3rdThomas WGA033645
4thAndrew WGA039585
5thDaniel WGA015364
6thBerny WGA025339
=6thMaurice WGA010339
7thSam WGA014293
8thDanny WGA001205
9thJames WGA013143
Most Distance Flown
PositionPilotNautical Miles
1stMark WGA002930,508 nm
2ndStephen WGA017876,374 nm
3rdAndrew WGA039756,657 nm
4thMaurice WGA010733,731 nm
5thJames WGA013246,746 nm
6thSam WGA014240,912 nm
7thThomas WGA033228,178 nm
8thDan WGA004189,090 nm
9thDaniel WGA015185,237 nm
10thDanny WGA001140,458 nm
Hub/Bases Statistics
CountryTotal Hubs in CountryTotal Pilots Based in Country
China 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Argentina 3 Hubs0 Pilots
Australia 9 Hubs0 Pilots
Austria 4 Hubs0 Pilots
Bali 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Belgium 5 Hubs1 Pilots
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Brazil 5 Hubs0 Pilots
Bulgaria 3 Hubs0 Pilots
Canada 8 Hubs1 Pilots
Chile 1 Hubs0 Pilots
China 19 Hubs0 Pilots
Colombia 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Costa Rica 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Croatia 4 Hubs0 Pilots
Cyprus 3 Hubs0 Pilots
Czech Republic 2 Hubs0 Pilots
Denmark 2 Hubs1 Pilots
Ecuador 2 Hubs0 Pilots
Egypt 5 Hubs0 Pilots
El Salvador 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Estonia 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Ethiopia 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Fiji 2 Hubs0 Pilots
Finland 1 Hubs0 Pilots
France 10 Hubs0 Pilots
Georgia 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Germany 17 Hubs1 Pilots
Greece 5 Hubs1 Pilots
Guam 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Guatemala 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Guyana 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Hong Kong 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Hungary 2 Hubs0 Pilots
Iceland 1 Hubs2 Pilots
India 10 Hubs0 Pilots
Indonesia 7 Hubs0 Pilots
Ireland 3 Hubs1 Pilots
Italy 19 Hubs0 Pilots
Jamaica 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Japan 5 Hubs0 Pilots
Jordan 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Kenya 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Korea, Republic of 2 Hubs0 Pilots
Latvia 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Lebanon 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Lithuania 2 Hubs0 Pilots
Luxembourg 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Malawi 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Malaysia 6 Hubs0 Pilots
Malta 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Mexico 4 Hubs0 Pilots
Moldova 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Morocco 4 Hubs0 Pilots
Netherlands 3 Hubs2 Pilots
New Zealand 3 Hubs0 Pilots
Nicaragua 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Northern Ireland 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Norway 8 Hubs0 Pilots
Pakistan 3 Hubs0 Pilots
Panama 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Peru 3 Hubs0 Pilots
Poland 7 Hubs0 Pilots
Portugal 4 Hubs0 Pilots
Qatar 2 Hubs0 Pilots
Romania 6 Hubs0 Pilots
Russian 3 Hubs0 Pilots
Saudi Arabia 4 Hubs0 Pilots
Serbia 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Singapore 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Slovakia 2 Hubs0 Pilots
Slovenia 1 Hubs0 Pilots
South Africa 2 Hubs1 Pilots
South Korea 2 Hubs0 Pilots
Spain 17 Hubs1 Pilots
Sri Lanka 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Sweden 5 Hubs1 Pilots
Switzerland 2 Hubs0 Pilots
Taiwan 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Taiwan, Province of China 2 Hubs0 Pilots
Thailand 9 Hubs0 Pilots
Togo 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Trinidad and Tobago 1 Hubs0 Pilots
Turkey 7 Hubs0 Pilots
Ukraine 2 Hubs0 Pilots
United Arab Emirates 4 Hubs0 Pilots
United Kingdom 33 Hubs15 Pilots
United States 44 Hubs3 Pilots
Vietnam 3 Hubs0 Pilots
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Airlines Average Landing Rates
AirlineTouchdown Rate
Adria AirwaysN/A - No Flight Data
Aegean Airlines-258.86 fpm
Aer Lingus-208.95 fpm
Aeroflot-85.00 fpm
Aerolineas ArgentinasN/A - No Flight Data
AeroLogicN/A - No Flight Data
AeromexicoN/A - No Flight Data
Air Canada-278.14 fpm
Air Canada Jazz-217.67 fpm
Air Canada Rouge-362.50 fpm
Air China-141.00 fpm
Air China CargoN/A - No Flight Data
Air Europa-151.75 fpm
Air France-305.43 fpm
Air France Cargo-337.00 fpm
Air IndiaN/A - No Flight Data
Air India ExpressN/A - No Flight Data
Air New Zealand-187.67 fpm
Air TransatN/A - No Flight Data
AirAsia-192.00 fpm
AirAsia IndiaN/A - No Flight Data
AirAsia IndonesiaN/A - No Flight Data
AirAsia ThailandN/A - No Flight Data
AirAsia XN/A - No Flight Data
AirAsia X IndonesiaN/A - No Flight Data
AirAsia X ThailandN/A - No Flight Data
airBaltic-201.80 fpm
Alaska Airlines-217.88 fpm
Alitalia-407.29 fpm
All Nippon Airways-169.91 fpm
All Nippon CargoN/A - No Flight Data
American Airlines-263.20 fpm
Asiana Airlines-236.00 fpm
Asiana CargoN/A - No Flight Data
Atlas AirN/A - No Flight Data
Austrian-338.24 fpm
Avianca-472.50 fpm
Avianca BrazilN/A - No Flight Data
BA - British Airways-190.99 fpm
BA CityFlyer-343.50 fpm
BA Comair (South Africa)-159.00 fpm
BA SUN-AIR of Scandinavia-459.00 fpm
Brussels Airlines-207.00 fpm
CargoluxN/A - No Flight Data
Caribbean Airlines-282.50 fpm
Cathay DragonN/A - No Flight Data
Cathay Pacific-278.09 fpm
Cathay Pacific CargoN/A - No Flight Data
China Airlines-74.00 fpm
China Cargo AirlinesN/A - No Flight Data
China Eastern Airlines-159.40 fpm
CondorN/A - No Flight Data
Copa Airlines-232.75 fpm
Croatia Airlines-218.00 fpm
Czech AirlinesN/A - No Flight Data
Delta Airlines-183.86 fpm
Eastern AirwaysN/A - No Flight Data
EasyJet-229.65 fpm
EasyJet Switzerland-191.82 fpm
Edelweiss AirN/A - No Flight Data
EgyptAir-167.50 fpm
Emirates-205.57 fpm
Emirates SkyCargoN/A - No Flight Data
Ethiopian Airlines-514.00 fpm
Etihad Airways-348.50 fpm
Etihad Cargo-446.00 fpm
Eurowings-111.25 fpm
EVA Air-171.00 fpm
FedEx-267.80 fpm
Fiji AirwaysN/A - No Flight Data
FinnairN/A - No Flight Data
Flybe-227.94 fpm
Flydubai-82.82 fpm
Frontier Airlines-323.63 fpm
Garuda Indonesia-100.40 fpm
Iberia-368.00 fpm
Iberia ExpressN/A - No Flight Data
Icelandair-287.83 fpm
Icelandair CargoN/A - No Flight Data
Japan Airlines-143.25 fpm
Jet2-170.62 fpm
JetBlue-296.40 fpm
Jetstar AirwaysN/A - No Flight Data
Kenya Airways-504.00 fpm
AirlineTouchdown Rate
KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines)-212.49 fpm
KLM Cityhopper-195.78 fpm
Korean Air-109.13 fpm
Korean Air Cargo-188.71 fpm
LATAM ArgentinaN/A - No Flight Data
LATAM Brasil-296.50 fpm
LATAM Cargo (Brasil)N/A - No Flight Data
LATAM Cargo (Chile)N/A - No Flight Data
LATAM Cargo (Colombia)N/A - No Flight Data
LATAM Cargo (Mexico)N/A - No Flight Data
LATAM Chile-394.33 fpm
LATAM ColombiaN/A - No Flight Data
LATAM EcuadorN/A - No Flight Data
LATAM PeruN/A - No Flight Data
Lion Air-149.40 fpm
Loganair-52.00 fpm
LOT Polish Airlines-86.50 fpm
Lufthansa-257.12 fpm
Lufthansa Cargo-622.00 fpm
Luxair-66.50 fpm
Malaysia Airlines-89.13 fpm
MASKargoN/A - No Flight Data
Middle East Airlines (MEA)N/A - No Flight Data
Norwegian Air International-174.19 fpm
Norwegian Air Shuttle-143.00 fpm
Olympic Air-175.45 fpm
Pakistan International AirlinesN/A - No Flight Data
Pegasus Airlines-69.00 fpm
Qantas-122.35 fpm
Qantas FreightN/A - No Flight Data
QantasLink-508.00 fpm
Qatar Airways-375.29 fpm
Qatar Airways CargoN/A - No Flight Data
Royal Air Maroc-221.00 fpm
Royal JordanianN/A - No Flight Data
Ryanair-172.70 fpm
S7 Airlines-200.50 fpm
SAS (Scandinavian Airlines)-198.74 fpm
Saudi Arabian AirlinesN/A - No Flight Data
Saudia CargoN/A - No Flight Data
Shenzhen Airlines-98.00 fpm
Singapore Airlines-186.50 fpm
Singapore Airlines CargoN/A - No Flight Data
South African Airways-257.25 fpm
Southwest Airlines-233.63 fpm
SpiceJet-371.33 fpm
SriLankan AirlinesN/A - No Flight Data
Swiss International Air Lines-292.00 fpm
TAP Air Portugal-268.57 fpm
TAROM-237.00 fpm
Thai Airways-202.67 fpm
Thomas Cook Airlines-361.50 fpm
Transavia (France)-114.06 fpm
Transavia (Netherlands)-190.50 fpm
TUI Airways (Thomson)-212.41 fpm
TUI fly (Belguim)-70.00 fpm
TUI fly (Deutschland)-113.00 fpm
TUI fly (Netherlands)-350.00 fpm
TUI fly (Nordic)-236.00 fpm
Turkish Airlines-250.40 fpm
Turkish CargoN/A - No Flight Data
Ukraine International Airlines-118.15 fpm
United Airlines-269.71 fpm
UPS-134.40 fpm
Vietnam AirlinesN/A - No Flight Data
Virgin Atlantic-208.84 fpm
Virgin Australia-104.42 fpm
Vueling-209.71 fpm
WeGo Airways-224.40 fpm
WeGo Cargo-226.75 fpm
WestJet-184.00 fpm
WestJet EncoreN/A - No Flight Data
Wideroe-252.60 fpm
Wizz Air-336.80 fpm
XiamenAirN/A - No Flight Data