Q. What & who is WeGo Airways?

A. WeGo Airways is a virtual airline for Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2004/FS9, FSX & FSX SE), X-Plane and Prepare 3D.


Q. What Type of Flying can I do at WeGo?

A. All sorts of flying. Main airline schedules is your usual airliners, cargo ops, charter ops in the smaller aircrafts i.e. single engine propeller, executive ops in business jets.  Plus our tours through our WeGo Airways system, OR through WeGo World (alliance) you can fly real world schedules such as Emirates, KLM, Ryanair, Easyjet and many more. See the full list HERE


Q. What has WeGo got to offer?

A. Currently over 25,000 schedules.  This isn't including our Cargo, Charter and Executive schedules.  Also we offer a Pilot Shop to buy your favourite things with your hard earned virtual cash, we also have Route Generators, and much more


Q. Where do I get a copy of flight simulator from?

A. From many gaming stores, i.e. Game, Aerosoft, Sim  Market, Flight Store, Transair, and more.  BUT MUST BE A LEGAL COPY!


Q. Do I need to be an experienced virtual airline pilot?

A. No - Although having some knowledge it an advantage.  We will help you become a better virtual pilot.


Q. How old do I have to be to join?

A. You must be 14 years old or older


Q. Do I have to sit an entrance exam?

A. YES - Its only 20 questions and you have 4 minutes per question.  Need to minimum of 75% pass rate to be accepted.  (THIS FEATURE IS CURRENTLY DISABLED.  NO ENTRANCE EXAM NEEDED)


Q. What if I fail the entrance exam?

A. You 24 hours until you can take it again. 


Q. Can I do entrance exam again with a different email address?

A. NO - If we find you have taken exam again with a different email address, that entry will be deleted. 



Q. What if I keep failing the exam, but I really want to join WeGo?

A. If you keep failing, don't worry, you have unlimited attempts.   If you are worried, then email one of the staff, and we will then invite you onto our teamSpeak for some 1 to 1 training.


Q. Have I got to fly online when flying for WeGo?

          A. No - But if you have a VATSIM or IVAO ID just enter it on your application, then you can gain reward points for when you fly online.
CLICK HERE - to sign up to VATSIM
CLICK HERE - to sign up to IVAO


Q.  Do I have to fly by the times listed in the schedules?

A.  No - You can fly any of the route schedules anytime of the day.  All we ask is that you try to do the flight within the scheduled total flight time.  i.e. A320 EGKK to EDDM = 1:35.  So we require you to arrive at destination within this time.


Q. Do you have a TeamSpeak?

A. Yes - This will be given to you by email, once you finish the entrance exam, and complete the online registration.


Q. Can I come on TeamSpeak anytime?

A. YES - Once your application is completed. You are free to come on or leave as you wish.  Come join in on the friendly banter, or flying advice, etc.


Q. Can I transfer my hours from another airline?

A. YES - You can transfer hours but only from three previous airlines (this is because we believe any experiance is good experiance and all we need is some proof such as a screenshot or valid clickable link.  All pilots start as a Junior First Officer, but you need to gain experience rank points, minimum hours, minimum flight numbers and minimum landing rate (based on your last 20 landings)  to rank up the career ladder.  Once you have met the required criteria those transferred hours will come to help you.


Q. Can I pause when in flight?

A. YES - WeGo believe in life coming first.  All we ask is, if you are flying online with VATSIM or IVAO, just disconnect VATSIM or IVAO, as you may get into trouble and have your VATSIM or IVAO account deleted.


Q. What is your maximum landing rate?

A. -1000ft per min landing rate it the maximum.  Any higher than that is an instant PIREP Rejection within reason.


Q. What is your Callsign?

A. WEGO or WEGO CARGO.   Check the SOP for more information.


Q. Why Do I need to give my Date of Birth?

A. We require your DOB to check your age.  Your DOB will not be shown publicly; only the admin staff can see it behind the scenes in our admin panel.  We also need your DOB, so we can check birthdays for your rank/experience reward point's bonus.  PLEASE NOTE - WE WILL NOT DISTRIBUTE OR GIVE OUT YOUR DOB TO ANYONE!


Q. I don't see a question on the FAQ list?


A. NO WORRIES - Email a member of staff and we will try to reply as soon as we can.   Try to be patient, as we all have to go to work during the Day.  In the mean time you will probably find the answer in our SOP (Standard Ops Procedures).





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