Reward Points To Gain

Below is what points you will gain during your WeGo Airways career.  These points will be added to your rank/experience, and you can use these points to apply for your rank application.

WeGo Airways Reward Points System

The reward points system that we have linked into the ranking system works as listed below to gain points.  Your main area of points gained is based on your flying performances.  But also you can gain other points too.


Admin Points

Points For

Quantity of Points

Points for registration

+100 Points

Each year of service

+1000 Points

Your Birthday

+500 Points

Every Christmas

+500 Points

Exceptional piece of work contributed to WeGo

+1000 Points

Get someone to join our VA (whether its a friend or someone chatting to on VATSIM, IVAO, or flight sim Forums.  The person that joins must state you got him/her to join when they sign up on registration page with your name and Pilot ID.)           

+700 Points





Operational Points


Points For

Quantity of Points

Points for completed flight (accepted PIREP)

+100 Points

Points for landing rate;

+1 point per every ft per min below 300fpm 
-1 point
 per every ft per min above 600fpm 
 0 between 350 and 600

Flight time (Calculated from Taxi to arrival)

+5 points per hour of flight

Online (We will check VATSIM or IVAO and 
point given only records of VATSIM or IVAO

+5 points per hour online


+10 points per 500nm

Flight Rotation (Fly return Leg)

+25 points (Example.  Fly EGKK to EDDM then complete the return leg EDDM to EGKK to collect Flight Rotation points)

Schedule time accuracy ; 

+25 points = arriving on time (Between 1hr Before or  15mins After scheduled time)             -25 points = arriving 30 mins late or more

Flight Assignment Generator;

50 bonus points per flight  = Generate 6 sectors/flights - Fly all flights in 1 day.

30 bonus points per flight  = Generate 4 sectors/flights - Fly all flights in 1 day.

20 bonus points per flight Generate 4 to 6 sectors/flights - Fly all flights in 2 day.

10 bonus points per flight Generate 4 or more sectors/flights - Fly all flights in 2 days or more.

Once generated sector/flights you MUST email ops of the set of flights you are doing.   You will be emailed once you generate so just forward the email to ops.

Delivering an aircraft in tour system

+250 points

Tour & Events

+ Unspecified  (Bonus points when completing a tour. Will be decided when tours and events come up).