Why Choose Us?

We want to be the leading virtual airline that offers something a little extra than just an airline that flies A to B with normal passenger routes.

We have;

Our normal airline operations that offer; Regional, European and Worldwide schedules

Also a cargo division, charter and executive operations. 

All these different operations could be linked in to one of our tours on our tour system page.

We have a virtual alliance called WeGo World.  This is our real world schedules such as Emirates, Emirates Sky Cargo, and KLM.  More airline will be coming in next few months.

 CLICK HERE - To see our About Us Page

 We welcome those with;

·         A legal copy of  FS2004 or FSX.  We are also X-plane and Prepare 3D compatible.

·         New or experienced virtual pilots

·         Vatsim, IVAO or off-line pilots

·         But must be 14 years or older.

 More to offer;

·         All kinds of aircrafts to be flown, from C172 to a Boeing 747

·         Fictional (WeGo) or Several real world Schedules available.

·         Training and advice freely given by a real world pilot/instructor

·         TeamSpeak community

·         Screenshot Awards 

·         Events & tours

·         Rank/Experience points system - will need to build up points based on your flying performance which enables you to apply to rank up.   CLICK HERE TO SEE 

·         Awards System - gain awards on your profile page. i.e. award for a landing below -100fpm

·         Pilot shop - buy your favourite car, or use your hard earned cash to use for a house, type rating, and more

·         Real booking system that means you need to jump seat from airports if you don't want to fly the return leg

·         Random route schedule generators found on our downloads page - Follow a generated schedule will result in gaining more rank/experience points as a bonus.

·         And much, much more!!!